May 6

The City of Kyle Ask Pet Owners to Protect Their Pets from Predators

Kyle, TX – Kyle Animal Control Department is asking pet owners to be extra vigilant with their small pets this spring as the area’s natural predators are becoming more active.

“Within the past month we have had three reports of small pets being attacked by what appears to be coyotes,” said Briana Brecher, City of Kyle Animal Control Officer. “If you own a small pet, please be extra vigilant when they are outside.”

The three attacks have occurred at night and in the early morning, and occurred in fenced in back yards. The neighborhoods involved are Amberwood, Steeplechase and The Trails. It is not believed the attacks are from the same animal.

The Kyle Animal Control Department is working with the Hays County Game Warden to determine what animal(s) are involved.

“We don’t believe there is any risk to people at this time,” said Brecher. “However, parents should always monitor their small children.”

It is believed that the animal may be a coyote, however, it is possible that a animal like a bobcat or bird of prey may also be involved.

If people have concerns or questions, they can call the City of Kyle Animal Control Department at 512-268-8800.

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