Apr 29

FYI for those who park blocking the sidewalk, I just received this from KPD:

We wish to inform the public on a matter that has recently been received by our department concerning parking violations within residential areas throughout the city. Recently, we have been receiving numerous complaints regarding the encroachment or obstruction of sidewalks throughout the city’s residential areas. It appears the complaints stem from motorists parking their vehicles in their driveways, but blocking the sidewalk or use of the sidewalk with their vehicles.
We wish to inform the public that this is a violation of the Texas Transportation Code, Section 545.302, which prohibits motorists from parking their vehicles on a sidewalk. The issue becomes especially problematic as it may impede or interfere with persons with disabilities, or those with children in strollers, from being able to use the sidewalk due to vehicles blocking their path. Pedestrians who cannot use the sidewalk due to improperly parked vehicles have to detour their paths into the street, which could cause an unsafe situation.
It is our intent to educate the public on the matter, prior to taking enforcement action. It is our belief and hope that law abiding citizens will correct the issue voluntarily in these circumstances. Unfortunately, if the issue persists, Officers will be assigned to take enforcement actions throughout the city. We ask that our citizens help us out in this matter, and continue to report violations to us when they observe them.

Thank you for your time.
Lieutenant Andre Marmolejo
Patrol Commander
Kyle Police Department.

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