HOA Board Members & Committees

Here is a list of our current HOA committees. Each committee is led by

resident volunteers and has a specific purpose within our community.

A mission statement created by each committee defines their role and actions.

For example, the Social Committee mission statement reads:

Amberwood Homeowners Association Social Committee Mission Statement: This committee  sponsors community planned events and parties. Charter: • Committee Meetings to be held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at a location to be determined and posted prior to the scheduled meeting. • Plan social gatherings such as block parties, neighborhood garage sale days, pool parties, holiday parties etc. • Advise the HOA board & other committees on social  issues/concerns. * Those unable to attend the meetings, but are able to assist in the activities are welcome. Charter Members: Committee Chairman: Committee Co Chairman: Linda Freeman

All Committees operate in this fasion Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute whenever they can.

There is only one requirement to join: You must reside in Amberwood.

Other than that, you can help out with any committee function either as

a member (which is preferred) or as a volunteer during scheduled events.

Please contact the Committee Chair in charge of the group you wish to join.

Committee Name Chairperson Chair Contact Information
HOA Board President Diane Hervol 512-560-2689 amberwoodhoaboard@gmail.com
HOA Board Vice Pres. amberwoodhoaboard@gmail.com
HOA Board Secretary Delma Perales amberwoodhoaboard@gmail.com
HOA Board Tresurer Alex Correa amberwoodhoaboard@gmail.com
HOA Board Director Carole Cearley amberwoodhoaboard@gmail.com
Beautification Committee Kay Rush misskays27@gmail.com
Newsletter Committee Sonny Tamayo jay2fair@msn.com
Website Committee Linda Freeman ladybfree04@gmail.com 
Covenant Committee Needs Volunteers
Safety and Security Committee Needs Volunteers
Social Committee Needs Volunteers
Architectural Committee Needs Volunteers