Here is a list of our current HOA committees. Each committee is led by

resident volunteers and has a specific purpose within our community.

A mission statement created by each committee defines their role and actions.

For example, the Social Committee mission statement reads:

Amberwood Homeowners Association Social Committee Mission Statement: This committee  sponsors community planned events and parties. Charter: • Committee Meetings to be held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at a location to be determined and posted prior to the scheduled meeting. • Plan social gatherings such as block parties, neighborhood garage sale days, pool parties, holiday parties etc. • Advise the HOA board & other committees on social  issues/concerns. * Those unable to attend the meetings, but are able to assist in the activities are welcome. Charter Members: Committee Chairman: Committee Co Chairman: Linda Freeman

All Committees operate in this fasion Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute whenever they can.

There is only one requirement to join: You must reside in Amberwood.

Other than that, you can help out with any committee function either as

a member (which is preferred) or as a volunteer during scheduled events.

Please contact the Committee Chair in charge of the group you wish to join.

Committee Name Chairperson Chair Contact Information
HOA Board President Diane Hervol 512-560-2689
HOA Board Vice Pres.
HOA Board Secretary Delma Perales
HOA Board Tresurer Alex Correa
HOA Board Director Carole Cearley
Beautification Committee Kay Rush
Newsletter Committee Sonny Tamayo
Website Committee Linda Freeman 
Covenant Committee Needs Volunteers
Safety and Security Committee Needs Volunteers
Social Committee Needs Volunteers
Architectural Committee Needs Volunteers