Approved Trash Can Enclosure

Amberwood Residents:

Approved Trash Container Storage Enclosure for Amberwood Residents

Approved by H.O.A. Board of Directors November 2009

 Due to the three bin trash and recycle system implemented by TDS all Amberwood residents are authorized to construct an enclosure as detailed on the instructions below for the proper storage of these bins should they wish to do so.  These enclosures are necessary to appropriately screen these bins from the view of all adjacent property and the public and private rights of way as required by H.O.A. bylaws.  any such enclosure constructed under this Board policy does not require a homeowner or resident to file an application to seek Architectural Committee approval under the following conditions:

1. The enclosure is constructed using the same materials, design, and finish as the existing fence.

2.  The enclosure must be placed in an area as near to the existing side fence as possible.

3.  The enclosure fence must be constructed picket side out where visible from any street.

4.  Any enclosure not meeting these provisions will be removed at the owner’s expense upon written notification.

Tom Witt / Board President

Enclosure Instructions below: