Aug 25

Please mark your Calendars.

National Night Out is a great opportunity for citizens and law enforcement to partner up against crime. We invite you to attend the event, meet your neighbors and commit to helping law enforcement reduce crime in your community.

This year, Amberwood’s National Night Out event is Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Amberwood Pool area.

National Night Out is designed to:

Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
Generate support and participation in crime efforts
Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations
Let criminals know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back
During the event, residents in neighborhoods throughout Kyle and across the nation are asked to turn on their porch lights, lock their doors and spend the evening outside with their neighbors, police officers, firefighters and EMS paramedics.

The Amberwood Board hopes to see all of you there.

Thank you!
Amberwood Board

Jul 5


Jun 23


Hi there our dog escaped our back yard today and we wanted to report him missing on this page if possible as well as the newsletter and website. My name is Tim and my wife’s name is Amanda and we live on cherrywood. He’s a Shih tzu and Maltese mix named Louis and is white with light brown spots. He’s about 8 pounds and has medium length fur. Please let me know what else I need to provide or do to help spread the news. Thanks!

Jun 13

Dear Neighbors:

Summer is here! It is my understanding that a few vehicles were vandalized this past week. Whether they were egged or someone is walking by and trying the doors to see if one opens.

Please let this serve as a reminder to double check the following every night:

1. Doors are locked
2. Garage doors are shut
3. Fence gates are shut and/or locked
4. Automobiles are locked and, if possible off the street
5. Leave outside lights on at night
6. If you have an alarm, keep it on
7. Keep an eye out for your neighbor-see something suspicious, report it
8. Lock your utility boxes
9. If you live by a vacant home, whether foreclosed or for sale, watch for any unusual activity, then report it

Again, we have to look out for one another and if we see or hear anything call the police, their number is 512-268-3232. Keep that number handy, as when you dial 911 it takes some time for them to transfer the call. This way, you can dial KPD directly.

Just an FYI

Jun 9

dsc00697.JPG  dsc00696.JPG

Jun 9

Hays County, Texas
Follow us at
Countywide emergency information is at
Information for the News Media
June 9, 2015
Memorial Weekend Flood and Storms
Hays County Road, Bridge Status Update

River Road in Wimberley is now open, but there is major damage to the surface and shoulders. Please drive slowly and carefully.
FM 150/Onion Creek (double crossings) reopened June 9.
Fischer Store Road Bridge is completely destroyed. TXDOT is already working on a new design to replace the bridge and Hays County is investigating options for a temporary bridge or low water crossing until a permanent bridge is built.
Old Martindale Road Bridge – damaged but assessed as safe and is open for traffic. A complete evaluation is not possible until the water level drops
CR 266 Bridge over San Marcos River is open. Minor damage is already being repaired; additional repairs will be evaluated when water level drops.
York Creek Road low water crossing east of IH-35 between Soechting Lane and Francis Harris Lane will be closed until damage is evaluated and repaired.
Post Road low water crossing. Approximately 50 feet of this bridge-type low water crossing is destroyed and it is closed until further notice.
Valley View Drive low water crossing has damage but a complete evaluation is not possible until the water level drops
Hidden Valley low water crossing between Flite Acres and Spoke Hollow is completely destroyed and Hays County is investigating replacement options
Little Arkansas low water crossing is closed. It cannot be evaluated until the water level drops.
CR 1492 low water crossing is closed. It cannot be evaluated until the water level drops.
Haschke Road low water crossing is open and will be further assessed when water level drops.
CR 266 Millers Lake low water crossing is open. Damage will be assessed after water level drops.
Hays County’s assessment of road and bridge damage is ongoing. Please drive carefully and report any issues that need addressing to the Hays County Transportation Department, 512-393-7385.

May 13

dsc00339.JPG  dsc00340.JPG  dsc00341.JPG

May 8

“If you have received this, Please Be Aware.” (See Attached PDF)






May 6

Attached are the newly recorded policies regarding Flag, Rain Collection, and Solar Panels.

amberwoo-recorded-guidelines-for-flags-rain-collection-solar-recorded-3-11-15.pdf )

Apr 29

FYI for those who park blocking the sidewalk, I just received this from KPD:

We wish to inform the public on a matter that has recently been received by our department concerning parking violations within residential areas throughout the city. Recently, we have been receiving numerous complaints regarding the encroachment or obstruction of sidewalks throughout the city’s residential areas. It appears the complaints stem from motorists parking their vehicles in their driveways, but blocking the sidewalk or use of the sidewalk with their vehicles.
We wish to inform the public that this is a violation of the Texas Transportation Code, Section 545.302, which prohibits motorists from parking their vehicles on a sidewalk. The issue becomes especially problematic as it may impede or interfere with persons with disabilities, or those with children in strollers, from being able to use the sidewalk due to vehicles blocking their path. Pedestrians who cannot use the sidewalk due to improperly parked vehicles have to detour their paths into the street, which could cause an unsafe situation.
It is our intent to educate the public on the matter, prior to taking enforcement action. It is our belief and hope that law abiding citizens will correct the issue voluntarily in these circumstances. Unfortunately, if the issue persists, Officers will be assigned to take enforcement actions throughout the city. We ask that our citizens help us out in this matter, and continue to report violations to us when they observe them.

Thank you for your time.
Lieutenant Andre Marmolejo
Patrol Commander
Kyle Police Department.

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